My Mystery Character Poem

I am observant, formal, proper and skilled

I love quiet and order.

I dislike messes and inattention to detail.

I feel strongly that manners should be followed by all.

I fear disruptions but know I will cope just fine.

I’d like to see the Reynards happy.

I dream  of vacationing on a tropical island.

But in the end, I’m happy to relax with a nice cup of tea in the kitchen.

Who am I?


My First Listening Walk

This morning I sat at my desk to listen as the world started to wake up.  The crickets are loud beside my desk. They “plick-tik-pok”  and then “ruuu”.  Vehicles go by fast “shoooooooshing” cars, louder “ahhhhhhhhhrrrrring” pickup trucks and even louder delivery and logging trucks.  I don’t know how to write their sound.

But the sounds I am most grateful for here on this list are the furnace clicking on and the sound of heat moving through the baseboard and of the refrigerator starting up with a hummmmmm.

I am grateful for electricity that powers my house and keeps me warm and my food fresh.

Morning Gratitude

“Unk – haaaaaa.” The furnace clicks on.

“Pok, pop…tik.” The heat flows through the pipes.

“Ka-hmmmmmmmmm.” The refrigerator hums to life.

“…haaaat.”  The furnace is off for now.

“…mmmmot” The food is cool enough.

I am comfortable and warm.

Happy to have noticed

What is often invisible.


I am grateful for my family.  They are very special to me because they help me in everything I do.  My parents are my heroes.  There is no one I would be more proud to be like than may parents.  They have shown me how to be hardworking, thoughtful and kind.  My sister and my cousins, aunts and uncles are all there for me and me for them through thick and thin.  In a moment they are there to help!

Then there is the my own family of four.  It is amazing how that connects to even more families.  We have fun together and share memories.  We sing and play games and do puzzles and swim and boat and camp and relax together.  Those and the special times.  There are ordinary things too – cleaning the house and cooking my dinner and so many more.  My family fills me with joy and makes me feel at home.

Here are some of the Eaves’ cousins, aunts and uncles, and James.

Sharing A Little Happiness

Here are a few things I share with others to make them happy.

  1. I can give compliments.  That will be easy because I am so impressed by how hard everyone in 3E is working to learn and to stay happy and healthy.  YOU ALL ROCK!
  2. I can call my parents and sister on the phone to check up on them and let them know I care.  I can text my daughters too – for the same reason.
  3. I can share pictures of where I am working and learning. I can post comments on blogs so that people in our class know I am thankful for them.  This a picture of my yard this morning.


Here are a few things I have received recently from others that have made me happy.

  1. I gotten lots of pictures of our class.  It really makes me happy to see you when I can’t be with your.
  2. James gave me a picture.  He is learning to write letters and numbers.  I am excited to see what he is excited about learning.
  3. I have received some very kind compliments for students and their families.  They make getting through the remote learning time easier.
  4. Edward wrote an acrostic poem about everyone in our class and our class altogether.  That was awesome.

Here’s one for him –

Extremely creative

Determined to learn

Wonderfully thoughtful

Awesomely athletic

Reaches for the stars

Dedicated to his friends.


A friend is someone who likes you for you.  A friend listens and cares.  A friend is kind and trustworthy. A friend makes you happy.  A friend helps you when you need it.  Friends think about you even when you’re not around.  They know what will make you happy or sad, bothered or worried, and they do something about it.

This poem by Langston Hughes is one of my favorites.  It says a lot in a small, quiet way.

Poem by Langston Hughes

“I loved my friend.

He went away from me

There’s nothing more to say

The poem ends,

Soft as it began –

I loved my friend.”

My world is happier when I share it with friends.

The Word Collector – Growth Mindset Questions

A1 I collect books, feathers, nests and interesting things I find in nature.

A2 Jerome could collect words like cool, courageous, and confident,  He could also collect possible, positive and purposeful.

A3 A good way to use words is to give compliments, share ideas and create together.  Being cooperative, and collaborative in ways that make where we are more peaceful and happy, are also good ways to use words.  Creating a great story is another one.

A4 I am people, self and word smart.  I do my best to help build a positive, happy, supportive classroom so we can all learn together.

A5 I am trying to give more compliments, listen more carefully and pick up at least five pieces of litter every day.  Hopefully that will make our world a little better.

Bird or Beast – Summer Quick Write #1

If I could choose to be any animal, I would become a bird.  I  love the idea of flying free and gliding through the clouds.  Of all the birds, I would choose to be a hawk.  I love to watch them soaring and circling around in the hot air thermals.  They seem so strong and purposeful.  They seem invincible.  Of course I am sure that is not true, because every life is complicated with trials and challenges.  None-the-less, a hawk is what I would choose to be.

I imagine myself in bird form.  I would love to see all the different sight during my migration.  I would look for a nesting site that ways near a lake or marsh surrounded by mountains.  There I could rest with my family is peaceful solitude – catching a trout or a squirrel whenever we were hungry.  We would launch ourselves into the early morning sky to watch the sun rise as we planned our days activities…a trip to the ocean to see the waves crash on the shore while we collected a feast of mussels or perhaps a trip to the wide grassy field with the warm sun on our backs and the gorgeous wild flowers blanketing the ground below.