My First Listening Walk

This morning I sat at my desk to listen as the world started to wake up.  The crickets are loud beside my desk. They “plick-tik-pok”  and then “ruuu”.  Vehicles go by fast “shoooooooshing” cars, louder “ahhhhhhhhhrrrrring” pickup trucks and even louder delivery and logging trucks.  I don’t know how to write their sound.

But the sounds I am most grateful for here on this list are the furnace clicking on and the sound of heat moving through the baseboard and of the refrigerator starting up with a hummmmmm.

I am grateful for electricity that powers my house and keeps me warm and my food fresh.

Morning Gratitude

“Unk – haaaaaa.” The furnace clicks on.

“Pok, pop…tik.” The heat flows through the pipes.

“Ka-hmmmmmmmmm.” The refrigerator hums to life.

“…haaaat.”  The furnace is off for now.

“…mmmmot” The food is cool enough.

I am comfortable and warm.

Happy to have noticed

What is often invisible.

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