Bird or Beast – Summer Quick Write #1

If I could choose to be any animal, I would become a bird.  I  love the idea of flying free and gliding through the clouds.  Of all the birds, I would choose to be a hawk.  I love to watch them soaring and circling around in the hot air thermals.  They seem so strong and purposeful.  They seem invincible.  Of course I am sure that is not true, because every life is complicated with trials and challenges.  None-the-less, a hawk is what I would choose to be.

I imagine myself in bird form.  I would love to see all the different sight during my migration.  I would look for a nesting site that ways near a lake or marsh surrounded by mountains.  There I could rest with my family is peaceful solitude – catching a trout or a squirrel whenever we were hungry.  We would launch ourselves into the early morning sky to watch the sun rise as we planned our days activities…a trip to the ocean to see the waves crash on the shore while we collected a feast of mussels or perhaps a trip to the wide grassy field with the warm sun on our backs and the gorgeous wild flowers blanketing the ground below.