Sharing A Little Happiness

Here are a few things I share with others to make them happy.

  1. I can give compliments.  That will be easy because I am so impressed by how hard everyone in 3E is working to learn and to stay happy and healthy.  YOU ALL ROCK!
  2. I can call my parents and sister on the phone to check up on them and let them know I care.  I can text my daughters too – for the same reason.
  3. I can share pictures of where I am working and learning. I can post comments on blogs so that people in our class know I am thankful for them.  This a picture of my yard this morning.


Here are a few things I have received recently from others that have made me happy.

  1. I gotten lots of pictures of our class.  It really makes me happy to see you when I can’t be with your.
  2. James gave me a picture.  He is learning to write letters and numbers.  I am excited to see what he is excited about learning.
  3. I have received some very kind compliments for students and their families.  They make getting through the remote learning time easier.
  4. Edward wrote an acrostic poem about everyone in our class and our class altogether.  That was awesome.

Here’s one for him –

Extremely creative

Determined to learn

Wonderfully thoughtful

Awesomely athletic

Reaches for the stars

Dedicated to his friends.

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