6 thoughts on “☀️My Dot For You💐

    • Thanks Brady. It is an example of something that is part of our blog tomorrow.
      I hope you’ll make a dot tomorrow to share so we can all have a photograph posted together on our blog.
      🥳Mrs. Eaves

  1. Wow Mrs.Eaves that is awesome I want to make a dot too! At first I thought you colored a cantaolpe! Ha! Great job and come swim sometime you know where I live!


    • Hi Sophie,
      I hope everyone will make a dot. It is an activity I planned to tomorrow and I wanted to leave an example in case my words weren’t clear enough. I hope we’ll have a dot from everyone to put together into one big post.
      💐Mrs. Eaves

  2. I LOVE this dot. I think it is so cool how you said “bel EAVES”.
    I think the background really shows your love of the outdoors.

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